Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Not just words...

You are the arms that hold me when I'm falling
My guardian angel when the demons come calling

You are the breeze that dries my tears
You are the light that banishes my fears

You are my rain in times of drought
My encouragement in times of doubt

You are my sunrise
My escape from night's despondent cries

You are my sunset
My solace from the day's regret

These are not just words
You are not just you
But an extension of my soul
My love forever true

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 21 July 2014

Spill some blood

To you
I was a fool
Wore my heart on my sleeve
Showed you the deepest parts of me
I thought you were special...different...rare
To you I was a game, you really didn't care
So tell me now, how does it feel
To slash your sharpened lies of steel
Across the heart that loved you for real
Is this what you wanted, to spill some blood
Well congratulations. Welcome to the flood.

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Childhood's Ache

as the sound of rustling leaves
and eager birds ready to seize the day
is quickly replaced
by a different serenity
the familiar hum
of lawnmowers and laughter

days were spent
transforming the forest
into our own imaginary kingdom
chasing boys
threatening them with kisses
riding bikes for hours
anywhere and everywhere
swimming in the river
chasing waves in the ocean

the whole neighborhood
our playground
there were no fences
no strangers
no reason to keep people out
our neighbors were family

street-wide BBQs and badminton tournaments
turned into backyard bonfires
best friends
swinging in the hammock
singing old Beatles songs
under a sky of endless stars
dreaming of a future
with endless possibilities

childhood's ache
reverberates deep within me
I long for these days
when life was simple
these memories are mine
to cherish for a lifetime
and for that
I am eternally grateful

(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

His brooding stare

His brooding stare
She could not bear
There was a battle brewing 
Behind arctic blue eyes
His pain 
She felt
Like daggers plunging into her heart
She wanted to reach out
Cradle him in her arms
Slay all of his troubles
But she was too far
Separated by oceans of circumstance....

(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ladies don't drink beer

"Ladies don't drink beer" he says...

Well I am most definitely a lady
And I most definitely drink beer
I'm soft spoken and polite
I wear my jeans and dresses tight
I can drink with the boys
And tell dirty jokes
To rival all the other blokes
Sappy movies make me cry
And I could never hurt a fly
But I can shoot a gun
Not to kill, just for fun
I can use power tools
And wield an ax
It's all true
These are the facts
I can switch from heels
To hiking boots with ease
I can strut a catwalk
And even climb trees
I can play guitar
And camp under the stars
I can bait a hook
Just don't ask me to cook
I enjoy sipping tea
And single malt whisky
I'm Canadian
I'm Scottish
I'm a scientist
I'm a poet
I'm laid back
I'm down to earth
I was raised with manners
Hand me some nails
And pass that hammer
I'll build you a bookcase
It'll be your special place
Where you can store all your other outdated preconceived notions
of what a lady should be...

"Ladies don't drink beer" he says
Well, I am a lady of discerning tastes
And I will drink this beer
With a smile on my face

(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

No leaves, not here

She always loved trees
True giants of the earth
Standing tall
Reaching their branches to kiss the sky
Dancing in the wind
Whispering secrets only they know

She loved to study their leaves
Each one so intricate
Exuding a simplistic beauty
Only nature can achieve
The unassuming providers of life
Each one representing hope
Hope for the future
For each year they fall
Each year they are reborn

As she walked the path
Traveled so many times before 
She was overcome with grief
For there were no leaves, not here
Great tragedy had befallen the forest
Life replaced by death
Life replaced by greed
A force of destruction unmatched by any other
Human nature 

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Moan of the Moors

The grey moan of the moors
Hangs overhead
Laden with the ghosts
Of Highlanders long dead

(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Balancing on the precipice
Between heartbreak and happiness
Wondering which way the winds will turn
Will you reach out your hand?
Or watch me crash and burn?
(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cast Away

Unfurl your sails
Cast away
Let the wind take you
Wherever you may
You are the captain
Of your fate
(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 3 March 2014


The fire rages
She stands entranced
Mesmerized by it's dance
Flames reflecting shadows
Of a girl
Who once was

(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Artist (c) Ian Ambrose (used without permission)

The fool
with the wool pulled over her eyes
bound and tied
by your beautiful lies
The fool
hanging by a hope, suspended in time
unable to move
pretending everything is fine
The fool
chasing dreams that'll never come true
clinging to the fantasy
that you want this too
The fool
ignoring the signs in front of her face
she's no longer wanted
she'll never feel your embrace
Some may wonder
how such a fool came to be?
When the truth is clear, anyone could see.
That is....any fool but me.

(c) SA MacNeil