Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Into the crowd
I fade
Not wanting to stand out
May you pay no attention
While I scream and shout

From your thoughts
I fade
With the dawn of each passing day
Unable to express
These feelings I long to say

Into the sea
I fade
Pulled by an ever changing tide
Searching for a place
To drop anchor and hide

Into the darkness
I fade
Forgotten now out of sight
Soul eternally searching
Once more for guiding light

(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gentle ocean breeze
Faint whisper through the trees
If you listen close
My voice you'll hear
The sweetest kiss
Upon your ear

(c) SA Mac Neil

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


...Sequel to Prelude...

My dress now discarded
Forgotten heap on the floor
Nothing but lace
Adorns my wanting form

So peaceful when you sleep
Innocence beguiling
I know your wicked ways
They always leave me smiling

One single kiss
Placed upon your thigh
Breaking the silence
The gentlest of sighs

My fingertips trace
Featherlight up your leg
Playful bite on your cheek
I want to make you beg

Awake now you turn
Eyes full of fire
That mischievous grin
So full of desire

Seductively I crawl
A panther stalking its prey
Up your chiseled physique
Kissing and biting all the way

Pausing only to taste
That which I seek
Teasing you with my tongue
Mouth bringing you to the peak

Eyes fixed on yours
I continue my ascent
Sampling each inch of sensitive flesh
Licking my way to your slow torment

Astride now I sit
Hardness pressed to weeping core
My resolve quickly fading
Can make you wait no more

Holding your gaze
I bite trembling lip
Welcoming you in
With one...slow...thrust of your hip

Together at last
Over the crest we ride
My body quivers
At this feeling inside

Passions aflame
Two souls bound
My name on your breath
The sweetest of sounds

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Your words the axe
Tore down my walls
Your love the sword
Pierced the armour
Protecting tender heart
Rusted by rain
Of endless tears
Now you're gone
All that remains
A gaping wound
Of endless fears
It is in your absence
In the dark shroud of night
I am haunted most
By a forsaken reality
Long faded from sight

(c) SA Mac Neil