Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Moon

The following is my entry for a word challenge hosted by the amazing Justin Case. I hope you'll take the time to check out all the entries as well as the beautiful prose of Justin himself.
Your precious soul
I'll cradle tight
For you are my moon
You are my light
Just as the tides
So too I am drawn
For upon my darkness
Your love you have shone
(c) SA MacNeil

Poetry Challenge: Tattered Heart

Recently I participated in the poetry challenge hosted by VoElla. There are so many amazing entries, I hope you'll check them out.

A tattered heart
Broken and bleeding
Words from a distance
Misconstrued and misleading
A tattered heart
Each bruise and scar
A direct result
Of being so far
So far from the one
I long to please
With eager lips
I long to tease
So far from the one
I wish was mine
With hope in my heart
I wish upon time
I wish upon time
To close this divide
To be in your arms
To feel you inside
Only then will I know
This love is real
Only then will my wistful
Tattered heart heal
(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Auburn Sea

Walk with me
Through the auburn sea
Fingers entwined
Down the path we wind
Leaves crackle
Feet shuffle
Our pace languid
No need to hustle
Birds of the forest
Sing their fanciful chorus
As we bask in the glow
Of a warm autumn sun
We pause for a kiss
You squeeze my bum
I smile and giggle
On your ear I nibble
Snug in your embrace
Together tucked away
In this gem coloured place
Nowhere else we need to be
Let's stay a while longer
Get lost at sea

(c) SA MacNeil
photo not my own




Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hungry Shadows

Day long turned to dusk
Last fragments of light quickly fade
Consumed by hungry shadows
Come out to feast and play

An eerie silence permeates
The dark recesses of your mind
As a sinister growl escapes
From somewhere close behind

Your head quickly swivels
Peering into darkness you see nothing there
Eyes still blinking to focus
He's peering back at you but you're unaware

A gentle tap on your shoulder
Slight brush of your long hair
Sending shivers up your spine
Warning you need to beware

The air now oppressive
A cloak of black still shrouds your sight
Trying not to panic
You search for any slim trace of light

Sweet salvation beckons
Just across the room
A tiny break in the curtain
A sliver of silver moon

Your desperate escape from harm
A frantic dash towards the light
Only to find he is waiting
You will not be saved this night

(c) SA MacNeil
*photo not my own

Monday, 14 October 2013

Poetry Challenge: Words Across the Oceans

The warm golden glow
Of a slowly setting sun
Casts shadows
Hiding the tears
Accompanying my thoughts
While its bright amber rays
Illuminate the empty space
Remaining by my side

The only embrace I feel
That of the autumn winds
Billowing off the sea
Swirling around me
Chilling my flesh
But not my heart
For it beats steady
With an everlasting hope

Hope for one day
To find myself in your arms

As I sit silently
Watching the promise of today
Sink lower
On the distant horizon
I place my hope in tomorrow

With the blow of a kiss
I whisper my wish into the wind
To carry my words across the oceans
Riding upon the waves
Of this crazy life
Straight to the shores
Of your awaiting heart

(c) SA MacNeil

This was written for a poetry challenge hosted by the wonderful DebraDML. Please visit her site to read all of the amazing entries.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Just One Moment...

If I could have just one moment...
To see my smile reflected in your eyes
To feel your arms wrapped round me
To feel your heart beat against my chest

Just one moment...
To feel your lips on my cheek
Your mouth on mine
Stealing my breath with your kiss

Just one moment...
To breathe you in, immerse myself in you
To feel the warm rugged skin of your neck
Under the gentle caress of my tongue

Just one moment...
To hear your voice whisper in my ear
To share a laugh
Maybe even a tear

Just one moment...
To see you
To kiss you
To feel you
To taste you
To hold you

The stars could fall
The sea could rise
The earth could shatter...

And I wouldn't care

Because I had that one moment...
With you

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Guest Post

Really pleased to welcome @nocte_esuriunt to my site and be able to share with you this beautiful and poignant piece...

~ ~ ~ ~

before the fall

standing on the edge, waiting to fall in
waiting for tHe emptiness to envelope
the small light that was once within
the mask I don is paintEd in love and laughter
but the skin beneath is cold and the souL contained is still
I feel lost in the anguish of despair
with no light to guide my way
or hands to cuP my broken will
so I stand alone in the darkness
yearning for a love we once shared
I’m standing on the edge, waiting to fall in

(c) @nocte_esuriunt

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Waves crash and roar
Against naked flesh
Upon rocky shore
Concealing fears
Consuming dreams
Revealing tears
Masking screams

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 22 July 2013

Shine On Award

I was awarded the Shine On Award by the lovely Deb Lane
As someone who started writing with the thought that no one would ever read, let alone like my work, this award means a lot to me. Thank you Deb :-)

~ ~ ~

The Rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.
~ ~ ~
7 Fascinating* Things About Me:
(*If by fascinating you mean completely random and not fascinating at all)
  1. My heart lies in the ocean. It intrigues me, mystifies me, mesmerizes me, and terrifies me all at the same time. I love the ocean.
  2. Did I mention I love water? I think I was a mermaid in a previous life. I could spend all my days at the beach or in a pool. Though I don't swim very well. Hmm.....maybe that's how mermaid me died :-/
  3. My family and friends describe me as having a rather dry, slightly sarcastic sense of humour. I take great pride in this.
  4. When I laugh, I cry. And when I cry, my face gets all red and blotchy and my eyes swell up. So basically, anytime I have a good laugh, I end up looking like someone beat me.
  5. I'm a scientist. An environmental scientist actually, and a freshwater biologist to be exact. Though I'm not working in any field related to this whatsoever...that's a long story requiring wine.
  6. I'm an animal lover. In fact I like animals more than most people. Though I'm not sure animals like me. I have a history of animal encounters - wolves, moose, bears, alligators. But the most recent was a chickadee attack. They're my favorite bird too...or at least they were. Don't underestimate the sweet faced chickadee.
  7. Ok last one, better make it count...I'm married; I love to read; I love to sing (much to the dismay of those within earshot); I love music; I love candy; I love going for walks; I love the forest; I love going for walks in the forest; I'm a skeptical believer in ghosts; my favorite colours are blue, green and pink; I'm afraid of clowns, spiders, creepy old dolls, blood, and public speaking; the sound of bagpipes makes me cry like a baby; and for being as curmudgeonly as I can be, I'm just a big softy at heart :)

~ ~ ~

And now it is my job to nominate 15 other deserving bloggers. Many of the people I'd like to nominate have already been nominated....but I'm going to ignore that and nominate them anyway because they deserve it. So, in no particular order...

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~ ~ ~

Thank you again to Deb for nominating me. I'm truly honoured :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Call

it was calling to her
the mystical roar of the Sea
she knew in its depths
she would once again be free

standing upon windswept shores
mesmerized by its rhythmic song
the Sea was singing to her heart
the Sea knew it wouldn't be long

with the swift returning tide
her toes sunk further into cold sand
the Sea was gripping, pulling at her soul
with its mysterious and forceful hand

after one last lingering breath
to fill her aching lungs
she begins her journey forward
now ready to take the plunge

each inch of her warm flesh
kissed by the lapping of the waves
until she is one with the Sea
fulfilling the destiny she craved

(c) SA MacNeil

This is my entry for a poetry challenge organised by B.L.Ronan.
You can read all the amazing entries here

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Quietly content
To sit alone
As I was meant
Lost in the rustling
Of wind in the trees
Mind sails away
Carried off on the breeze
Consumed by thoughts
Of me and of you
But it's not just my mind
My heart wanders too
To far away lands
Across tumbling seas
Just the thought of your touch
Brings me to my knees
One single moment
Of flesh upon flesh
One single kiss
To steal my breath
Is all it would take
To lead me into the fire
To make me yours
To ignite this desire
Until then, alone I sit
Wistful smile upon my face
Lost in blissful reverie
Of another time, another place

(c) SA Mac Neil

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Limp and lifeless
Upon the cold marble floor
It's been that way
Since you sailed out the door
Hardly breathing
Barely beating
Who knew your words
Could be so misleading
You love me you say
Well that's sure a funny way
To show someone you care
Leaving them naked and alone
Soul stripped and bare
One day you'll see
Just what you've done
For now, I'm just happy to be free
Finding comfort in knowledge
There is but one little hitch
My pain will surely heal
But you should know...
Karma's a bitch

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

She Waits

Drowning in the rain
She waits
To be swept out to sea
Consumed by the waves
Of an ever fading dream
(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tahiti Dream

The tranquil sound
Of contented sighs
Escaping my lips
When I look in your eyes
Carried on the wings
Of a warm tropical breeze
Across crystalline sand
Through lush green trees
Waves languidly lapping
Kissing bare skin
As butterflies dance
And flutter within
My trembling body
My pounding heart
Feeling you inside me
I never want to part
Alone in paradise
Not a worry in sight
With you by my side
I've never smiled so bright
(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Through the café door
I sway
Hoping the fates
Will bring you
My way
At the window
I sit
Lost in the bustle
Hurried strangers passing by
Thoughts of you
Through my mind
While I gently caress
My bare thigh
Wherever you are
Are you thinking of me
My fingertips
Tracing soft circles
On your heated flesh
My lips
Pressed against
The soft skin
Of your neck
Trailing kisses
Lightly brushing
Against your mouth
Tongue dipping in
Tasting you
The closeness
My body
Wrapped round you
Feeling your heart
In perfect harmony
With mine
A bell chimes
Head swivels to look
At the opening door
It's not you
Never is
Just a lingering
(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I am a girl
Though I may stumble
My soul will not crumble
I am fragile
I am vulnerable
I am strong
I am resilient
My spirit will continue to shine
Ever brilliant
This pain will not dim
The light glowing within
No matter how deep
The shit
Piled at my feet
I will not let darkness set in
I will not be swallowed
By the dirt
I will not be blinded
By the hurt
I will fight
With all of my might
To banish the darkness
Far from sight
Always choosing laughter
Happiness over spite
(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Sunday, 14 April 2013


I'm just a girl
I prance and I dance
I skip and I play
Even though I find myself
Caught in the fray
I wink and I smile
All the while I beguile
True feelings are not as they may
I'm strong and I'm tough
And I can deal with the rough
But inside lies a soft tender heart
So easy to pierce
With sharp words so fierce
From your tongue
Venom shoots like a dart
Slowly poisoning the girl
You once promised the world
But instead you left broken
Torn apart

(c) SA Mac Neil


Thursday, 4 April 2013


Entranced in the depths
Of a turquoise blue sea
Every time those eyes
Seductively gaze upon me
A crystal clear serenity
Washes over my flesh
Warm waves of desire
Stealing my breath
As the moon pulls the tide
Natural forces so intense
I'm drawn to your side
Ever weakening my defense
Swimming in those eyes
Currents of passion so strong
I can try to tread against them
...But not for very long
(c) SA Mac Neil

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Into the crowd
I fade
Not wanting to stand out
May you pay no attention
While I scream and shout

From your thoughts
I fade
With the dawn of each passing day
Unable to express
These feelings I long to say

Into the sea
I fade
Pulled by an ever changing tide
Searching for a place
To drop anchor and hide

Into the darkness
I fade
Forgotten now out of sight
Soul eternally searching
Once more for guiding light

(c) SA Mac Neil
photo not my own

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gentle ocean breeze
Faint whisper through the trees
If you listen close
My voice you'll hear
The sweetest kiss
Upon your ear

(c) SA Mac Neil

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


...Sequel to Prelude...

My dress now discarded
Forgotten heap on the floor
Nothing but lace
Adorns my wanting form

So peaceful when you sleep
Innocence beguiling
I know your wicked ways
They always leave me smiling

One single kiss
Placed upon your thigh
Breaking the silence
The gentlest of sighs

My fingertips trace
Featherlight up your leg
Playful bite on your cheek
I want to make you beg

Awake now you turn
Eyes full of fire
That mischievous grin
So full of desire

Seductively I crawl
A panther stalking its prey
Up your chiseled physique
Kissing and biting all the way

Pausing only to taste
That which I seek
Teasing you with my tongue
Mouth bringing you to the peak

Eyes fixed on yours
I continue my ascent
Sampling each inch of sensitive flesh
Licking my way to your slow torment

Astride now I sit
Hardness pressed to weeping core
My resolve quickly fading
Can make you wait no more

Holding your gaze
I bite trembling lip
Welcoming you in
With one...slow...thrust of your hip

Together at last
Over the crest we ride
My body quivers
At this feeling inside

Passions aflame
Two souls bound
My name on your breath
The sweetest of sounds

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Your words the axe
Tore down my walls
Your love the sword
Pierced the armour
Protecting tender heart
Rusted by rain
Of endless tears
Now you're gone
All that remains
A gaping wound
Of endless fears
It is in your absence
In the dark shroud of night
I am haunted most
By a forsaken reality
Long faded from sight

(c) SA Mac Neil

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Sprawled out nude
Sound asleep
Into your room
I softly creep
Face down you lie
In gorgeous splendor
A vision for me to spy

Ever so slowly
I slip off my dress
Cascading to the floor
I enjoy its caress
On sensitive flesh
Roused by thoughts
Your mouth on my breast
My body you teased
Each kiss on my skin
Leaving blissful memories

Now my turn has come
Tantalize. Excite. Unravel.
Drive you to come undone
Oh yes.
This is going to be fun...

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 18 February 2013

Forever Dreaming

Forever dreaming you'll just show up at my door
Wearing a wicked grin and nothing more

You know fine well I would let you in
Up against the wall my body you would pin

My hands you would bind behind my back
As you begin your slow sensual attack

You warned me one day you would do just this
But you've been gone so long I was feeling remiss

Here you are now, teeth grazing my shoulder
Nipping and biting, I'm feeling a little bolder

Down the wall my body slowly slides
Resting on knees I look up at you eyes wide

An adoring smile graces your lips
I take you in with one thrust of your hips

Teasing and tasting my tongue slowly twirls
Your hands in my hair tugging my curls

As much as it pains you to pull away
This isn't how you want me, not today

No this day you had planned right from the start
Painting me with desire, your very own work of art

Lifting me up you carry me to the bed
Placing me gently, my thighs you spread

Your hands gently caressing up and down my spine
My body aches for you, and yet you take your time

Feather light kisses you trail down my back
As your hand gives my ass a playful smack

My breath now hitching, my desire for you glistening
For you my heart pleads, but are you listening?

Unbinding my hands you turn me over
I grab your face to pull you closer

Looking into your eyes I fall under your trance
Our tongues entwined in this impassioned dance

Your warm chiseled flesh under my fingers
With every touch the electricity lingers

Feeling you fill me with such ecstasy and love
My soul forever soaring on the wings of a dove

Too good to be true, or so it would seem
Until our paths cross, I will forever dream

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sail Away

Barefoot I stand on rocky shore
Watching you sail away once more
The light of your ship quickly dimming
As distance grows, teary eyes brimming
I thought I would at least hear a good bye
Instead you left me here alone to cry
I would walk across glass, swim across oceans
Turn back the tide on what set this in motion
All those thoughts that poured out of my head
All those words that I shouldn't have said
I just wanted you to know what I was feeling
I didn't think it would send you reeling
You made me feel alive, treasured, turned my world upside down
Now that smile you brought is replaced with a frown
I love you more than you will ever know
Those three words I will never tell you so
If one day you find the winds are changing
Those sails that carried you away are rearranging
Don't come sailing back to me
I'm locking up my heart and throwing away the key

(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Night

I gaze up from the bar
Straight from heaven, there you are
Your eyes a piercing cerulean blue
Instantly entranced, my dream come true
My heart skips a beat
Can't believe we finally meet
You saunter slowly towards me
No more handsome could you be
For so long I've yearned for this night
Couldn't be more perfect, feel so right
With a seductive smile you hold out your hand
"Come to me princess", your wish is my command
Our fingers entwine, skin on skin
Igniting the fire that's been burning within
As you lead me up to your room
My heart beats a thunderous boom
You open the door
I glance at the floor
Rose petals so seductively red
Enticingly trail straight to the bed
Pulling me close, you brush the hair from my neck
Delectably soft kisses have an electrifying effect
Every part of my flesh aches with anticipation
Your hands slowly caressing with sweet adoration
Molten desire coursing through my veins
I've wanted so long for you to take the reigns
In one swift move I'm against the wall
You hold me up so I won't fall
Legs wrapped tightly around your waist
Hips needing, seeking, thrusting in haste
"Slow down princess, we deserve to savour
Every touch, every kiss, every delicious flavour"
Lips crash down on mine, our tongues explore
Feeling you hard and thick against my throbbing core
Fingers trace delicately up my thigh
As you discover my wetness you let out a sigh
You place me gently on top of the bed
Kneeling before me, I grasp your head
Your tongue now circling, probing deep
My waning composure I can no longer keep
Moaning loudly, hands clenching the sheets
You slide up my body til our arousal meets
Staring into my eyes, you slowly fill me
Clenching you tightly is my body's plea
Biting my lip I shyly whisper
"fuck me now.....please Sir"
A carnal growl escapes your lips
Driving into me as I thrust my hips
Together at last on this impassioned ride
Ecstasy soaring as our bodies collide
Forever joined by this journey of lust
In you I placed my body, my heart, my trust
Cradled in your arms I now lay blissful
Knowing it won't last, my thoughts turn wistful
How could I think one night is all I'd need
To fullfil this hunger, this passion, this greed

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 28 January 2013


where do you go when you want to escape
when love becomes nothing but cold heart ache
when tears fall every moment you're awake
when you can no longer pretend it's not all a fake
when you reach the point there's no more you can take
when you put your life, your love, your dreams at stake
when you feel in one more breath your whole world will break
where do I go when I need to escape?
when it's too much to bare, you'll find me at the lake

(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Memories Past

Craddled in quiet solitude
Gazing reverently out the window
Locking eyes with the girl
Whom so well I used to know
We share a smile
Thoughts of memories past
So carefree she used to be
So much love she used to feel
The snow falls softly past her face
Reminiscent of our final embrace
Under the light of the night sky
You held me tight
Reluctant to say goodbye
The night was so quiet
As if it knew not to intrude
We danced among the trees
To the rhythm of our hearts
Entwined for the last time
Snowflakes kissed our lashes
Our lips locked with fervent passion
But the time had come
This moment I so dread
As you slowly pulled away
No words need be said
The loss of your touch
The anguish in your eyes
Too hard to bare
Can't stifle my cries
As you walked away
My world grew cold
My soul will forever weep
Never again to be whole
A piercing memory
Reflected off crystal ice
Is all we've got left
Of a love once sublime
That girl is now gone
But I'll be okay
For it's time to move on
Tomorrow is another day

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


May your seductive words enchant me
May your alluring voice intoxicate me
May your impassioned eyes ensnare me
May your succulent lips enrapture me
May your skilled hands undress me
May your tortuous tongue tease me
May your thrusting hips drive me
May your heart soar with me
May your loving arms embrace me
As we fall from grace. Free.

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 7 January 2013

In the arms of the Loch

in the arms of the Loch I lay bare
empty, cold, struggling for air
drowning in the reality of fate
pressure becoming all too great
entangled by the weeds of doubt
wondering what love is all about
reaching towards the light
grip of the past still too tight
currents of time sweeping me away
hoping for courage to change one day

without warning the clouds do part
your smile shines like a work of art
rays of warmth filter through
this frigid Loch I've grown used to
your hand reaches out for mine
I grab hold and the stars align
your strength pulls me free
craddled in your arms forever I'll be
you have my heart, my body, my soul
with you I feel loved, impassioned and whole

(c) SA MacNeil