Friday, 14 December 2012


sitting on the sand
head resting in hand
single tear rolling down my cheek

staring out at the sea
drowning in what will never be
tumultuous waves mirror my soul

biting wind so bitter
lip begins to quiver
heart aches to feel your warmth

tide lapping to and fro
unsure which way to go
internal storm ferociously raging
clouds cover the sun
as I turn to you and run
away from this storm I'll be free

(c) SA MacNeil


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What is a lover?

Thank you Joan (@joangillen) for inviting me to participate in the #PoemUpChallenge!
A lover is many different things to many different people. Here are a few of my thoughts...

A lover is a friend.
Someone who shares your laughter, dries your tears
stands with you as you face your fears.

A lover is an angel.
Someone who travels to the depths of your darkest mind
takes your hand, leading you into the light

A lover is a poet.
Someone whose words make your spirits soar
uplifts your heart, transforms your soul.

A lover is an artist.
Someone who paints your flesh with the heat of desire
every caress setting your canvas on fire

A lover is a guide.
Someone who leads you to unknown ecstasies
explores hidden passions, fulfils your fantasies.

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I Wish...

I wish you could see
the expressions on my face
when I read your words
the smiles they do place

I wish I could feel
the warmth of your embrace
my hand in yours
leading me to a better place

I wish you were near
to wipe away my tears
cradle me in your arms
calm all my fears

I wish I was free
to be who I want to be
to follow my dreams
wherever they may lead

(c) SA MacNeil


hearts racing
lips kissing
hands caressing
bodies glistening
mouths suckling
tongues licking
climax reaching
barely breathing
voices screaming
upon vanilla scented sheets
two hearts do beat
two souls entwine
til the end of time

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 19 November 2012

I dream'd I lay

(this is a poem by the Scottish poet Robert Burns)

I dream'd I lay where flowers were springing
Gaily in the sunny beam;
List’ning to the wild birds singing,
By a falling crystal stream:
Straight the sky grew black and daring;
Thro’ the woods the whirlwinds rave;
Tress with aged arms were warring,
O’er the swelling drumlie wave.
Such was my life’s deceitful morning,
Such the pleasures I enjoyed:
But lang or noon, loud tempests storming
A’ my flowery bliss destroy’d.
Tho’ fickle fortune has deceiv’d me—
She promis’d fair, and perform’d but ill,
Of mony a joy and hope bereav’d me—
I bear a heart shall support me still.

~ Robert Burns

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Years after we said goodbye
I still think of you and cry

Torn apart by distance
Our love remained persistent

But we didn't stand a chance
Ill-fated was our romance

So many things left unsaid
Wistful thoughts roam through my head

Precious time together gone so fast
From the beginning, we knew it couldn't last

Now only blissful memories we hold
Of love once shared between two souls

(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


it creeps in ever so slowly, silently, without warning
grips its claws around my soul
holds on tight, won't let me go
my body begins to tremble
shaking like a single, solitary leaf in a tornado of fear
unable to control it, no choice but to succumb
existing in a state of darkness, alone
until once again the light seeps in
for as quickly as it came, it disappears just the same
loosens its grip, finally lets me breath
relief floods in like the sun rising after a storm
but I know it will be back, ready to strike again
for it creeps in ever so slowly, silently, without warning
(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mind, Body & Soul

Your mischievous grin
The warmth in your eyes
The smell of your cologne
The tantalising taste of your sweet kisses
The way you hold me as if you never want to let me go
The way your touch ignites my desire
The feel of your flesh as I rake my nails down your back
The sound of your voice screaming my name
These are the visions that haunt my dreams
So vivid, so cruelly out of reach
The next time we're together, I promise you this
I will devour you whole
Mind. Body. And Soul

(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Here, There, Anywhere

Take me here
Take me there
Take me anywhere
Up against the stairs
Or maybe on that chair
Kitchen counter? Just mind the glassware
Suspended in mid air
That has quite the flare
On the bench in town square
Among the wildflowers laid bare
Hidden away in your lair
From behind, pulling my hair
I can go all night so you better prepare
Here or there
Doesn't matter where
The way your heated gaze ensnares
You can have me everywhere

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Dark

the intense stare
a menacing glare
that feeling inside raising hair
a little voice screams beware
you brave a quick glance
confirming nothing is there
but you feel it everywhere
lurking in the shadows
concealed by the dark
it watches your every move
waiting to make its mark

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 29 October 2012

Night and Day

That perfect night
Under stars so bright
When you held me tight
Promised it would be alright

That perfect day
We spent by the bay
Wrapped in your arms I lay
Content in your love I'll stay


That awful night
When all we did was fight
Eyes full of spite
Your insults do bite

That awful day
Tangled in the fray
You begged me to stay
But your actions betray
So I left you anyway


Clearly our time together was a farce
So you can take these words and shove 'em up your arse

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

First Love

Your big brown eyes staring into my soul
That wanton look tells me you'll devour me whole
Your tongue between my thighs
Hand over mouth to stifle my cries
Lips trailing kisses slowly up my body
Tasting every inch of my flesh
Feeling your breath on my neck
My earlobe between your teeth
You whisper those last words

~Are you sure?~

My answer so pure
Comes as a plead

~Yes. Please.~

Hands bound together above my head
Your hardness slowly pressing in
I scream in delight
This feeling so tight
Bodies become one
I pant, I moan, become undone
You look at me with wonder
As our passion pulls us under
My senses on fire
While you fill me with desire
Soaring high
Above the sky
We fall together
Not wanting to break the tether
We lie in a heep
Drifting toward sleep

(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Letter to No One

I never thought possible
To miss someone who never was
Until you never came

I hoped
I dreamed
I tried
I cried
I even wished upon a star
But you never came

I can't help but dream
About what could've been
How much you were loved
Even though you were never here

I can't help but wonder
If it would be my eyes I would see
When I gaze at you adoringly
Would you be silly like me?
Maybe a little shy too?
These things I'll never know
Because you never came

I dream about picnics in the park
Building castles in the sand
Sharing with you all the things dear to my heart
Walking with you hand in hand

Bedtime stories
Goodnight kisses
Quiet cuddles
Stolen dances
Teaching you
Loving you
All the things that will never be
Because you never came

I'm tired of waiting
Hoping and dreaming
Crying and pleading
For you who will never be

Time to move on
Put a smile on my face
But you should always know
In my heart there will always be an empty place

(c) SA MacNeil

Monday, 22 October 2012

Across the distance

Across the distance
I feel your touch
Your haunting kisses
I welcome so much

Across the distance
Your gentle embrace
Your caressing hands
The smile on your face

Across the distance
I wish you were near
Taking me hard
Whispering in my ear

Across the distance
I scream your name
You may not hear
But it happened all the same

(c) SA MacNeil

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sexy Saturdays

Mondays tend to be grumpy
Wednesdays are always humpy
Tuesdays and Thursdays uneventful
Fridays can turn regretful
But Saturdays?

Saturdays are for coffee in bed
Naughty thoughts in my head
Turning off the phone
Pretending nobody's home

Lips and hands and bodies collide
Coming together, all worries aside
Between the sheets for hours
Long lingering steamy showers

Yes. Saturdays are a real treat
And Sundays? Well, they call for a repeat.

(c) SA MacNeil

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I lie here wide awake
Thinking of my mistake
I gave you my heart and soul
You chewed it up and spit it out whole
What did I do to deserve
This spite that you now serve
You've made my life a living hell
Left me broken, no words to yell

But I will rise again
Break this despair and find my zen
You will no longer control me
Belittle me
Deplore me

You will regret being so twisted
And I will forget you ever existed.

(c) SA MacNeil

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Fall Poem

Cool crisp nights
Cuddled up by the fire;
Pumpkin spiced delights
And cozy sweater attire;

Gem colored leaves
That sail through the air;
Ghost stories weaved
To frighten and scare;

Friends and family dine
Together to give thanks;
Though it requires wine
I'm not alone among the ranks.

(c) SA MacNeil